Tummy Tonic



Size: 2oz.

Make Emerald Body “Tummy Tonic” Probiotic & Prebiotic a part of your daily healthy regimen. Tummy Tonics should be taken daily at the dosage of 2oz per day. Preferably in the morning with a meal. Our Tummy tonics has 50 billion CFU to provide maximum gut support for your daily use. Good bacteria (probiotics) and prebiotics (promote the growth of probiotics) within our body is essential for many healthy daily body functions. However, common issues such as diet, travel, and stress can interfere with the natural bacteria within your systems These powerful supplements implement the necessary strains to aid in optimal digestive health, and support in the maintenance of healthy vaginal PH, and yeast levels. They also add a maximal boost to your immune system.

“The wellness shots tasted amazing. Will definitely order again.”


“Within minutes of using tummy tonics I was able to release without difficulty. I highly recommend it for anyone who is seeking regularity, on a cleanse or want to see greater results during their weight loss journey.”


“I’ve been using the tummy tonics for awhile now and I absolutely love them. The tonics keep me regulated and supports healthy digestion. I love great customer service and I definitely receive it from Brittany. I will be making another order soon.”