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As far as I can remember I’ve struggled with my weight since Jr. High School. The extra belly hanging over my pants, flabby arms waving back, or thighs rubbing together has sent signals to my mind that I was fat & I needed to do whatever it took to lose those pounds.

Not knowing anything about nutrition, I would eat once or twice a day & do insane amounts of cardio. I developed a bad habit of weighing myself on the scale before & after my insane workout session.

However, if I was hungry, depressed, or going through PMS I would binge eat & all my hard work would go down the drain. This continuous cycle followed me through adulthood until I said, “Enough!” My metabolism was destroyed and I needed to revive it.

I began teaching myself about nutrition and took the extra step to receive my nutrition certification. Not only that, but I’ve developed a healthier relationship with food, and my weight no longer depresses me. It’s a journey and through my journey, Emerald Body was birthed.


Meal Prepping Services $5-11 per meal

Heal your relationship with food. Often times many individuals see dieting as consuming rice, chicken & veggies daily for successful weight loss. However, with the help of careful meal planning, you can lose optimum fat while also incorporating your favorite meals. Do you struggle with meal prep? Well look no further, we are here to make the journey easier for you!

One on one Coaching $750

Learn how to track custom macros given by your coach, receive recalculations to beat plateau, and diversity with flexible meals.
Facebook community page with recipe posts, daily motivation, a community with like-minded people, follow along with workouts at least 2x a month and schedule 1-weekly check-in.
3-month commitment.

Group Coaching $110

*I will read over applications and text the candidate within 48 business hours that I feel will best fit this program.

Jump Start Into Macros

6-week commitment

Macro adjustment if needed

The Facebook group includes 24/7 support + Recipes + workouts

Restaurant hacks 



Thanks for the personalized nutrition guide and education on my macros to help me get over the plateau I was stuck in. It’s really how and what you EAT.



Worth every drop of sweat and counting macros! I may not like it, but I accept it. The obliques are making an appearance and these photos have no filter; only cropped.

D'Yonne Jones

You too can birth your Emerald Body!
Emerald spiritually means; replenish, freshness, healing, patience, joy, peace, and love.




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